Beginning Digital Photography Portfolio

Critique of Photographs

The photographs critiqued below were found in two online galleries of Nevada ghost towns.. The first set is from a gallery on the ghost towns of Nelson and Marietta on by two photographers. The second set is from a ghost town gallery on, photographer not listed.


Nelson at Sunset Courtesy Tracy Reehal. I like this image. It appears that the background color satuation was reduced to make the gas pump stand out, while the background is also blurred
Nelsondesert Nelson Desert area Courtesy Tracy Reehal. Nice use of black and white. It's hard to tell at this resolution, but I think the foreground cactus could have been sharper. Although, the glow effect might be intentional.

Town of Nelson from a distance Courtesy Kevin Cappi. This could have been better if the mountain tops weren't cropped.
zz-Image146 Village near town of Nelson Courtesy Kevin Cappis. Roadside snapshot. Seems a little yellowish. An over view of the town, so nothing is outstanding.
zz-Image 157 Village near town of Nelson Courtesy Kevin Cappis. The picture is backlit, but you can see the shadowed features well. I probably would have cropped the glaring sky.
Marietta Courtesy Paul and Mary Hamilton. Shadowed area does not have detail, probably because of the brightness of the rest of the picture.

Marietta Courtesy Dolores Steele. Rule of thirds may have made this a better picture.
Marietta Courtesy Dolores Steele. Difficult subject, being the same color as background. Lower exposure might have helped. A different view or time of day could also have helped. (compare with picture 2 above)
Marietta Courtesy Dolores Steele. It seems overexposed, although it hints at the harshness of the sun.
Ione area. I like thisrow of miner's cabins.

Ione area. I imagine this was a difficult shot to expose, with dark interior and bright exterior. I like that the photographer's jeep is framed in a window.
Ione area. Good backlight, with sun shining through roof.
Ione area. Difficult picture, with dark foreground and bright background.

Ione area. I like the composition -- interesting things in foreground and background

Ione area. It looks like a flash was used to exposed this wall-less outhouse.